LittleGreenRoom In Kentucky!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Well its official!! Yay! I just got word from Studio Slant in Kentucky that they have received their first package full of LittleGreenRoom Jewelry  today, and it is already getting alot of attention! I am so excited to be in this gallery! The owners are new found friends, they are wonderful and have lots of beautiful art that they are exhibiting too! They seem to have the same taste as me so I feel like we are all kindred spirits. This journey just keeps getting better and better. Hope you all have a great weekend...I will be painting ;)
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My Orange Inspiration!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just thought Id share...these are my bright, fun,  beautiful etsy purchases that are behind my orange inspiration hmmm...or maybe turquoise...or hmm...maybe green, or brown?????? oh now here I go again :) LOL..
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Wow..More Snow??

Wow..they are talking about more snow this weekend in our Cali. mountains. Last weekend we were suppose to get a huge 4 or 5 day storm and we escaped with a light dusting of about 2". But now they are talking about snow levels maybe reaching 200-300 ft level. I live at about 4500 ft. so that means road closures and the school closures for us, that is if it even happens.

I am thinking of taking a break from my metal working this weekend and maybe repainting my room. I have spring fever so bad right now and although I love the beautiful snows in the winter I am longing for spring and warmer weather.

I am thinking of painting my room orange, bright happy orange. I already have lots of orange throughout my house, my kitchen..etc..  but this time I am thinking of a brighter orange with lots of color, maybe Sunkist orange. Dont think my hubby will mind,  he informed me that he is okay with any color but bright red or pink. No, dont think Ill go there.  I have been known to paint a room twice in one day if I didnt like the way that it came out the first time. When we first moved into our house I painted the main living room area five times until I got the right color and look that I wanted, It was pure madness.... So sometime tonight after I get off work I will be spotted in the paint isles somewhere collecting paint swatches and supplies.. I am actually kind of excited.. I love color :)
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Happy Valentines Day!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day!! I have been celebrating all weekend, my husband and son have been giving me goodies and making me feel loved! This is a picture of a cute balloon bouquet that they got for me.  I just baked fresh cranberry bread and am fixing a nice dinner tonight, anyway.. Hope you all get lots of love and hugs today :)
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Beautiful Desert Skies!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nature can take your breath away. I was out in the Mojave Desert for a baptism on Sunday evening and was lucky enough to see this beautiful sunset . Although the desert is not my most favorite of climates, it is beautiful in its own way. This is one example. I was so glad that I had my camera, I made my hubby pull over so that I could try to capture a picture of the vibrant color in the sky. There are windmills perched on the surrounding mountain tops and the fire like sky was a stunning backdrop. Somethings are just too pretty for words.
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Off To Australia Round 2!

Well I finally finished my project that I had been working on for my second feature in the Australia Beading Magazine, YAY!. I read and re-read all of my notes and double checked all of my numbering etc. I was a little nervous this time around because I am doing a step by step project, something that I have not done before. I ended up actually creating the piece of jewelry from scratch that I am teaching "how to", just for the issue that is due to be out in June 2011. I actually love the necklace so much that I have plans to carry them in my store soon too.

A funny girl thing..I was trying to keep my nails looking half way decent so that incase I happen to snap a photo of them, you wouldn't see hands that have been trashed from filing and polishing silver. I am definitely not a hand model by any means. I think I pulled it off :)

I just got an email from the editor this morning, she loves the project and photos! YAY!!  I am so excited and now just get to sit and wait patiently until June :)  I will be sure to share when I get the magazine.
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I am so lucky to get to know so many of my customers and become friends with them. They often share their heart warming stories with me, some happy, some sad, stories to make you laugh and cry. I recently got an email from someone who loved this necklace. She fell in love with it and wanted me to make one for her and her sister. They had both lost their mom earlier in the year. They asked me to create the necklace with a heart that was their moms birthstone, so when they wore these necklaces, it would remind them of her, an angel by their side. I was so happy to make the necklaces and will never forget their story. I love becoming part of someones story..It makes my heart smile :) Hug your mom this Valentines Day and let her know how much you love her...I know I will :)
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Inside LittleGreenRoom A Project From Start To Finish

This is a project that I was working on for a friend. Her son has a cattle brand and was wondering if I could make a replica of his brand on a dog tag... I usually love a challenge because I feel that it helps me grow as an artist. One this project I had no idea what I would do..maybe etch this or stamp..but in the end I decided to piece together this tag with wire and create a 3-D look. In this photo I was manipulating the wire to get the shape just so. Not only do you have to get the shape right but make sure that you don't bend or kink the wire  in any way so that it will lay flat and solder completely. 

 Ahh I think I finally got the shapes figured out and it is now ready to sand and piece together. In this photo I am just making sure that I have all of my pieces flush and looking good before I solder it all together.

My favotite part..tricky but fun..I get to use my torch.. the tricky part is making sure that the solder is flowing properly and is soldering all of the pieces but making sure not to melt the wire and tag. It seems to of soldered its just time for clean up and polishing.

At last the finished necklace...I love it! It turned out exactly like I had envisioned it to look or even better...that is the best part of it all..when it all comes together and you even shock yourself :) LOL..
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Magazine Feature!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I am so excited to be featured in DStripped Magazines Editors Essentials for Feb./ Valentines issue. My Black Leather I LOVE YOU cuff is on the Editors Essentials page. Here is the link  I am so excited to share!!
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