Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I am so lucky to get to know so many of my customers and become friends with them. They often share their heart warming stories with me, some happy, some sad, stories to make you laugh and cry. I recently got an email from someone who loved this necklace. She fell in love with it and wanted me to make one for her and her sister. They had both lost their mom earlier in the year. They asked me to create the necklace with a heart that was their moms birthstone, so when they wore these necklaces, it would remind them of her, an angel by their side. I was so happy to make the necklaces and will never forget their story. I love becoming part of someones story..It makes my heart smile :) Hug your mom this Valentines Day and let her know how much you love her...I know I will :)
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Sharon - Rekindle Me said...

What a beautiful piece and a beautiful story! Mom, consider yourself hugged!!!

Amy said...

Aww Thanks Sharon :) I was touched by it too, it is a good reminder of how lucky we are to have our moms with us :)