Wow..More Snow??

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Wow..they are talking about more snow this weekend in our Cali. mountains. Last weekend we were suppose to get a huge 4 or 5 day storm and we escaped with a light dusting of about 2". But now they are talking about snow levels maybe reaching 200-300 ft level. I live at about 4500 ft. so that means road closures and the school closures for us, that is if it even happens.

I am thinking of taking a break from my metal working this weekend and maybe repainting my room. I have spring fever so bad right now and although I love the beautiful snows in the winter I am longing for spring and warmer weather.

I am thinking of painting my room orange, bright happy orange. I already have lots of orange throughout my house, my kitchen..etc..  but this time I am thinking of a brighter orange with lots of color, maybe Sunkist orange. Dont think my hubby will mind,  he informed me that he is okay with any color but bright red or pink. No, dont think Ill go there.  I have been known to paint a room twice in one day if I didnt like the way that it came out the first time. When we first moved into our house I painted the main living room area five times until I got the right color and look that I wanted, It was pure madness.... So sometime tonight after I get off work I will be spotted in the paint isles somewhere collecting paint swatches and supplies.. I am actually kind of excited.. I love color :)
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