Off To Australia Round 2!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Well I finally finished my project that I had been working on for my second feature in the Australia Beading Magazine, YAY!. I read and re-read all of my notes and double checked all of my numbering etc. I was a little nervous this time around because I am doing a step by step project, something that I have not done before. I ended up actually creating the piece of jewelry from scratch that I am teaching "how to", just for the issue that is due to be out in June 2011. I actually love the necklace so much that I have plans to carry them in my store soon too.

A funny girl thing..I was trying to keep my nails looking half way decent so that incase I happen to snap a photo of them, you wouldn't see hands that have been trashed from filing and polishing silver. I am definitely not a hand model by any means. I think I pulled it off :)

I just got an email from the editor this morning, she loves the project and photos! YAY!!  I am so excited and now just get to sit and wait patiently until June :)  I will be sure to share when I get the magazine.
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