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Monday, January 9, 2012

Wow I cant believe that I am already writing about the Valentines Day. It seems like I was just getting ready for Christmas, that is how fast the holidays went for me this year.

Valentines Day starts right after Christmas, well not really but in the retail world that is what happens. In our local little town, in a store that I shop at frequently, they are taking down Christmas and putting up Valentines almost the day after Christmas. Out with the old, in with the new. On Etsy, Valentines items are hopping already too. Tons of treasuries filled with hearts and love :). But it really is just around the corner, only 4 weeks away and if you are ordering something by mail, like on Etsy, it is a good idea to buy early just to be safe.

I have always loved Valentines day because I am a heart lover and love the heart shape. Hearts in all styles and metals. Each year I love to have new designs in my shop, different from the years before. Hence my new bracelet above.

I have been experimenting with a few new techniques lately, a little here and there, and came up with some new designed cuffs and necklaces that I have been slowly introducing into my line. I have had a million, well not really a million, lol but alot of new ideas for pieces that I will be introducing soon and I cant wait. As a jewelry designer I am always looking for new inventive ways to add new textures, color and style into my ever growing line of jewelry. I think my mixed metal designs are the core of my jewelry line but I am always trying to grow as an artist and find things that people will love to wear.

Shiny white hot metal LOVE IT!!! ~I think I turned to sterling silver in my early 20's I had red dyed hair at the time and loved the contrast of the white sterling silver with my red hair. My love for it never went away though. I love it antiqued and shiny, hammered and textured, just about anything that is new and different. My new cuff above is made of fine silver and has been given a mirror finish shine! It is beautiful!! Fine silver is milky white in color and contains no copper so you will have less oxidizing. It is .999 (almost pure) That is what some of my new pieces are made of. If you haven't been in my shop for awhile stop by and see whats new. Lots to see and Love...... Hope to see you :)

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