Summer Makes Me Smile!

Friday, June 1, 2012

                                            Coming soon to

These new pieces of jewelry put a smile on my face!! I love semi precious stone, especially when mixed in brilliant summer fun color you see above. Gorgeous Turquoise, Lime Green Howlite, and Orange Howlite are just one of my favorite combos and as you can see they look brilliant with both copper and sterling silver! The dog tag necklace can be found at just follow the link, the heart necklace can be found in my etsy store link above, and this cute cuff is coming soon too! 

May has turned out to be an amazing month for me..I have actually been trying to play catch up and list new pieces in my store but most of my spare time has been spent filling orders from my multiple stores :) Thanks to everyone who continues to support me and my designs...Im truly blessed <3

Stop by and see whats new! :)

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My Style

Monday, April 9, 2012

My Style

I put this cute new collection together on Polyvore and decided to post it to my blog. I am loving the bright spring and summer colors for 2012!! Im an 80's child so seeing these colors again make me smile!! I have been adding some pops of color to my black and grey wardrobe (always a favorite for me) and am loving it. Although I do know these colors are not for have to admit they do grab your attention!

Bright bold sterling silver and copper make the perfect accessories too!! These cute sterling silver star earrings (below) from LittleGreenRoom would be perfect!!!

Or.. here is a cute necklace that is on that would look great too!
I could go on and on LOL...anyway try something new this spring and summer....a bold pop of color, a fun new color of makeup or nail polish, or maybe just some new pieces of jewelry to make you smile :) Because after does make us smile right :)
<3 Amy

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Today is a great day..its Friday and hey, thats always great in my book!!! Today kicks off spring break for us and luckily right now were I live in California, the sun is shining. Yay! Im so ready for spring this year but we keep having late snow falls and cold weather, hopefully it will stay nice and sunny for awhile.

I have been very busy lately, my son keeps me on the go, which I love, and I have to say that life is good! I am planning a trip to Disneyland which Im looking so looking forward to! Cant wait to ride Pirates Of The Caribbean, and Indiana Jones, my two favorite rides. The weather is expected to be about 70 in southern California and that is just perfect for me :) who knows maybe well go to the beach too!

Whats New?...Hmm well...I am having a spring sale right now 10% off in my stores on etsy...hmmm did you catch that..stores?? Yes, LOL, I have opened anther store on etsy its called MyCreativeNature. My CreativeNature will have my painted metal line as well as some recycled vintage glass pieces and cool and unique metal pieces too. I decided to group these pieces of jewelry together in their own store because they have their own flavor and are a little different than my other pieces. I opened it on Feb. 14th and have been trying to fill it with new pieces when I get the chance. If you get the chance stop by and see whats new :)  10% off during spring break!

I have been making a few new pieces.. this little starfish (above) is cast from a real starfish that I collected in the tide pools on the northern shores of California on my last vacation. A real sea star pendant came to mind when I saw this little dried starfish, and this is the finished piece of jewelry that I created a month later. Adorned with two chunks of real red coral, this beautiful and rustic pendant necklace is one to love. Every time I see it, Im reminded of my favorite vacation place to visit here is the link to view this necklace in person

This is another new piece that I added just a week ago...its a great graduation gift or just a beautiful necklace to wear if you love angel wings, like me. Adorned with gorgeous turquoise, which I love too! and by the way a great color for spring and summer! I also have a angel wing that says fly, and peace, they are also very cute and are adorned with genuine stones too. To take a peek .

If you havent yet been by my website..this is a new piece that is on This awesome angel wing is large a big 2 1/4" long...and hand cast too, just like my other pieces above. I love love this necklace! It is a favorite for sure!  I only have one of these right now but more are coming soon!

I hope you all have a great weekend and I will showing more of what Im working on soon! I still have more ideas than time but Im thinking that its better to be that way than to have more time than ideas?? right ?? LOL ... Thanks for stopping by <3
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