LittleGreenRoom Giveaway!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hi! I Just wanted to share some info about a LittleGreenRoom giveaway that I am having starting today! Simply become a LittleGreenRoom Jewerly Facebook fan and you can win a initial ring. All you do is become a fan and leave a comment letting us know who's initial you would put on the ring, yours or a loved one and why. You will automatically be eligible for the random drawing that will take place on Nov. 22. You can also qualify for extra entries too...see the details on my fanpage. Hope you stop by! :)
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My Vine Inspired Line Of Jewelry

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is my line of jewelry that I introduced last December. It is a line of jewelry that sells very well and I am slowly adding new pieces to the line. It has a completely different look from my clean shiny mixed metal pieces of jewelry but I am always changing, experimenting and finding new inspiration.

I am excited to bring back my twisted stix earrings, that I love!! and... this New Silver Shadow Wire Wrapped Crystal necklace is stunning too. Another favorite is my Wire Wrapped Copper Pendant Necklace. This necklace can be worn casual or dressy it just depends on the outfit. I love how versatile it can be worn.

This line of my jewelry is inspired by by the vine in my garden, a Virginia creeper is what the vine is called,  that has wrapped itself around my fence post and has now lost its beautiful red fall leaves to expose a maze of vine that is quite beautiful and amazing to look at, no beginning and no end. Nature at its best, it is so amazing to just look around and become inspired by our surroundings, we just have to take the time.

I have also added some other pieces that have been randomly wrapped with sterling silver wire, like a Swarovski crystal star, and a beautiful piece of Larimar stone that I will talk about later. I love the rustic, random, nature inspired appeal of these pieces of jewelry so yes... there will be more to come. ~Amy
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LittleGreenRoom Getting Ready For The Holidays!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

If you haven't stopped by my store lately you should come by and see whats new. I am currently getting geared up for the holiday shopping season that seems to be here already. I cant believe it!! I have been listing new things daily and adding some fun and sparkly. This cute little snowman face with a carrot nose necklace is just one of the fun, new, cute necklaces to dress you up and get you in the holiday spirit! Come by and see my new little gingerbread girl face too! Just a few cute Holiday inspired pieces to put a smile on your face.

I am now shipping all pieces of jewelry purchased in my cute new polka dot boxes that I talked about in an earlier post too! They are adorable and ready to give to that someone special.  Xo~Amy
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Gift Certificates Now Available At LittleGreenRoom

Friday, November 5, 2010

I have been wanting to make gift certificates available in my store for sometime now and I finally got them just in time for the holidays, Yayy! I am now offering them in 25, 50 and 100 dollar amounts but can make them in other amounts upon email request. These are the perfect gift for the hard to shop for person who has everything or who (almost has everything), friend or loved one. Here is the quick link to the gift certificates if you are interested  After purchasing them I will mail you a certificate via first class mail. It comes in a nice white envelope ready to give.
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One Of The Most Exciting Parts Of This Journey That I Am On!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I cant believe that I am finally sharing this exciting news with you...if you are a Facebook fan you have probably already seen this but I am finally getting back into writing on my blog and wanted to post the pictures of my AWESOME write up in my first feature of a magazine Australian Beading Magazine. For those of you who dont know this in May of this last year I was contacted by the editor of Australian Beading Magazine. She found me on Etsy and wanted to feature me in there Aug. issue. I was so excited that I think I was in shock for about a week or so. She requested my bio, photos of my jewelry and a picture. I am not good at writing about myself..I am always at a loss for words but I just started writing about my life thus far and about this journey that I am on with my jewelry.

My jewelry gets a lot of love from a matter of fact my jewelry line will soon be available there..more details  later... The editor was a doll to work with and the article came together so easily, I was kind of surprised. I didnt know what to expect....

I emailed all of the details off to her and anxiously waited through the summer. The magazine came out in the Middle of August 2010 and when I finally received my copy I actually screamed out loud. I slowly opened the first pages of the magazines thumbing through each page and right in the front of the magazine...there is was and much to my surprise I was actually featured on TWO pages!! WOW!! I stood there in my kitchen and screamed, jumped up and down and couldnt stop smiling...actually writing about it now takes me back to that day. I feel like the article captured me and my jewerly perfectly!!..I actually had no idea what it would look like or say but it was as if I had sat in front of them face to face and interviewed with them and they had taken the photos. They used the bright fun colors in the article that I love and used the pictures with nature backgrounds that were taken on my property,  often my inspiration.

So here is the article..I actually have two magazines..soon to be framed and hung on the wall of my LittleGreenRoom..for inspiration and remembrance of  this wonderful journey that I am I always say..I don't know where I'm going but I cant wait to get there :)
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The Holidays Are Here!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So many new things going on in LittleGreenRoom..I have just been bad and neglected my blog..sorry guys, for those of you who stuck around, Thank You!!. Here is something new...  I just got these ADORABLE new little boxes for the holidays and will be sending out jewelry in them for Christmas. I have cute red polkadot and solid red and white boxes...they are soooo cute! They come wrapped with satin ribbons and cute LGR stickers that are new just for the season. I am so thankful to everyone who supports me and purchases my jewelry and I wanted to add a little something special for the holiday season. I have been busy planning and creating new pieces of jewelry to come...I will be showing a few new pieces and talking about them soon.
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