My Vine Inspired Line Of Jewelry

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This is my line of jewelry that I introduced last December. It is a line of jewelry that sells very well and I am slowly adding new pieces to the line. It has a completely different look from my clean shiny mixed metal pieces of jewelry but I am always changing, experimenting and finding new inspiration.

I am excited to bring back my twisted stix earrings, that I love!! and... this New Silver Shadow Wire Wrapped Crystal necklace is stunning too. Another favorite is my Wire Wrapped Copper Pendant Necklace. This necklace can be worn casual or dressy it just depends on the outfit. I love how versatile it can be worn.

This line of my jewelry is inspired by by the vine in my garden, a Virginia creeper is what the vine is called,  that has wrapped itself around my fence post and has now lost its beautiful red fall leaves to expose a maze of vine that is quite beautiful and amazing to look at, no beginning and no end. Nature at its best, it is so amazing to just look around and become inspired by our surroundings, we just have to take the time.

I have also added some other pieces that have been randomly wrapped with sterling silver wire, like a Swarovski crystal star, and a beautiful piece of Larimar stone that I will talk about later. I love the rustic, random, nature inspired appeal of these pieces of jewelry so yes... there will be more to come. ~Amy
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Jeanie said...

Very different from your usual pieces, but still fabulous. These are great.