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Friday, June 18, 2010

Today is kind of quiet so I spent sometime cruising around the Internet reading and looking for new and interesting things and I happen to stumble upon this site. It has some really cool features for Etsy store owners and this flyer above is just one of the fun, simple things that you can do on this site for free. I love it!! You can make a flyer of one or more items per page, include prices, or not, simply download and print. Woweee!! I am thinking that this would be a great way to promote some of your store items with a description, especially the ones that have a story or explain how you made them or what inspired you to design your piece. The template downloads everything in one simple click of a button, no, I'm not kidding! You could use this feature to make flyers for your store etc.... I am actually getting ready to do a show on the 4th of July in Bear Valley CA. and am thinking that I should maybe print out a few different pages and put them in a book for people to look at, kind of like a portfolio...endless ideas. Here is the link to check out this cool site and be sure to check out the other features that it offers too!! What a fun find!
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