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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I just realized that I have not talked about my news interview and how it went. So here's the story..well...., Tues...night..I was cleaning and organizing like a mad woman, getting ready for the next morn. picking up the bits and pieces of silver and copper that had fallen to the floor on my hands and knees, wiping off my work table, dusting, you know metal smithing is not a very clean job..usually lots of dust everywhere from sanding and filing etc. My hubby was an awesome help, thank goodness, with the  routine cleaning, dusting, vacuuming etc... I am a very details kind of person so my list was long because I didn't quite know where we would end up filming so I had to be prepared and make sure everything was clean. The only thing that I did know was that she wanted to film me in my LittleGreenRoom  making something. 

I finally finished all of the straightening and got to the end of my list and realized oops! !I need to get a project ready for her to film me making..ahhh!! okay..got that all set up and finally sat down at about 9:30 p.m. and sighed a sigh of relief. Then I realized oops!.. again! I needed to get out some of my jewelry pieces for her to film..okay.. off to find the pieces that I wanted to use..hmmm did I want to just lay them on my counter or display them on necklace stands or...?? ..So I ended up setting up a little mini display on the end of my counter next to my photo booth that I use and that seemed to work out great...Ahhh finished.

Wow now I was really getting tired.. time for bed because I knew that I either wouldn't sleep from excitement or that I would get up early and just lay in bed thinking of things that I might of forgotten.

Surprise,  I actually slept great, which was good because that meant that my eyes wouldn't be bloodshot "thank goodness". I knew that she would be there at 9:00 a.m. so I was ready at about 8:30, hair done, makeup on and ready to go.. I am a very scheduled person and like to be early or on time..never late, something my family teases me about all of the time. I think that it is from all of those years of being a hairdresser and living by a schedule of appointments. At about 8:56 I looked at the clock and thought to myself,  I wonder if I should of called the reporter just to make sure that the interview was still on... Oh well I guess I would have to wait and see, and of course I am starting to get a little nervous. Right on the dot at 9:00 sharp she knocked on my door, I opened the door and there she stood a young, cute, very sweet person. We immediately hit it off and started talking bout Etsy and LittleGreenRoom.

The first part of filming I bascially just talked and she filmed with the microphone off, and then she filmed my GreenRoom which she loved! She couldn't believe the amount of tools, beads, stuff etc, that I had, I quietly said "yes, I am addicted to making jewelry", we both laughed.  She wanted  to film me taking pictures of my jewelry and she talked about the my feature in Australian Beading Magazine that will be coming out in August. She asked me questions about the rings that I made for the NFL cheerleaders and we talked about what inspires me etc. Then it was time to sit for the real interview...oh I hate cameras, I was praying that I didn't mess up, say something stupid, or laugh at myself, something I do alot. She turned on that camera grabbed her mike and started asking me questions..I was so nervous I was trying not to pause but was trying to think fast at the same time..crazy! I think that I said awesome twice and after it came out of my mouth I laughed to myself.. but not outloud, whew! I reminded myself that there would be a editing and cutting process so thank goodness it wasn't live. All in all I think that it turned out great and I was so glad to make a new friend out of the whole experience. It is definitely one that I will never forget.  As I walked her out to the car, she told me that it would air that night on the news! Ahh! I didn't expect it to air so soon, I wasn't even going to be home to see it we had a baseball game we had to go to but... my hubby ended up recording it and we watched it later that night.

....Later that night.... (we sat down to watch)... WOW! yep there I am on the news!! YAY! .. and yep, the camera does add about 20 pounds  :( ..and Wow! there we are talking about Etsy and LittleGreenRoom... :) YAY!! What a crazy, awesome, surreal experience. I am so thankful :) I can't wait to see what's next!
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Rebekah said...

I am absolutely in awe of the beautiful jewelry you make. I just happened upon your blog and online store, and I just love it. I wish I could take a class from you. Just gorgeous designs!

Amy said...

Hi Rebekah :) Thank you so much for your compliments! You made my day :)