Working 9-5..The Daily Grind!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ever wonder what I do during the day? Well, I work the daily grind. I am an executive assistant. I work on a airport for a flight test company. This is my little corner of the company, with my trusty and always necessary Diet Coke by my side. That would be me in the black chair greeting you as you came in the front door of our company.

Our company is in the hot dry California desert. It's always dry, hot and windy, those are our three seasons. Sometimes the winds here on the airport can reach up to 80 mph. Those are the worst of days!

Like today...there is a high wind advisory, we are expecting about 80 mph winds so the freeway home will be closed and there will be a detour that I will have to take that has become very familiar to me.

I am lucky enough to have a window view of the mountains, (home) where I live. There are lots of windmills that are scattered across the mountains and when it is windy they all dance in unison. This is where a lot of my ideas for new pieces of  jewelry are drawn in my sketch book, that is... when I have spare time.

Overall I have a great job but I am still daydreaming about the day that I can stay at home and make Etsy my number one job. That is where my heart is and mind long to be...fingers crossed!
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