Mixed Media Man In The Moon Necklace!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I had so much fun making this Man In The Moon Necklace!! Brand New** Just out of the My GreenRoom. This necklace has been on my sketch book for sometime now and haunting me to make it. I LOVE (This) Man In The Moon Face, it has always been my favorite!! I had a few sketches drawn but waited until the time was right and when I sat down to make it, the design emerged. I was definitely in one of my whimsy moods as you can see by the finished product. I always say that life is way to serious, wear a piece of jewelry that puts a smile on your face. I took a few pictures from start to finish,..the cleaned up version anyway. I didn't take pictures of my files, saw, torch, all things used to create this Happy, Starry Eyed, Moon Face but you get the picture. I have a lot of other fun moon inspired ideas that I am anxious to create too! I have created a mixed metal large moon face that I am going to make into  a pendant that I will have to share with you all. It is one that I am keeping for myself though. I have been trying to decide how I would wear it most, a pendant or a bracelet. Not too sure yet.  One of the exciting things for me while creating this necklace was the mixing the metals and media. I wish you all could see it in person, it is even cuter. This necklace is for all of the starry eyed moon lovers like me. I cant wait to meet who buys it! That is one of the most fulfilling things about making jewelry for me and that is..matching the perfect piece of jewelry with the perfect person who adores it.
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Laura said...

Cool!!! Very neat to see the process. Great Job!

mywifesstudio said...

Very nice, love the mixed metal look.