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Monday, May 10, 2010

I am still so excited!! Friday April 30 I got up in the morning and started my normal daily routine. I had a few minutes to spare and decided to check my emails, earlier than usual. I had an email in my in-box from an editor of Australian Beading Magazine. What? did I just say that for real???? Was I really reading what I thought I was?? As I started to read the letter I couldn't believe my eyes. She wanted to feature me and my jewelry in an upcoming edition of their magazine. I think that I stared and read the email about 6 more times and after minutes of my mind wandering off into space I quickly realized that I would be late to work and decided that I would read it again when I got to work. As I drove to work my mind drifted,... I wondered what the magazine looked like and if my email was even real. I told myself that It might only be a small magazine that fifty people read and I thought about how awesome that would even be, hey fifty new people who had never been in my store before or known about me was still great! 

I pulled into work unloaded my car, laptop, purse, lunch bag, trusty morning Diet Coke, camera, orders to send off for the day...okay you catch my drift LOL.. anyway, after I got situated at my desk,  I opened the email again for a second time and started to search the internet with the information I had. There it was Australian Beading Magazine...AWESOME!! Heart pounding, wide eyes, I might of even been a little pale in the face. I let out a little scream and jumped up and down a few times with excitement. It was really happening! WOW!!

I have since then written a bio that they requested, (ohh hard talking about is even hard for me to blog sometimes..I have been a hairdresser since I was 17 and am always used to listening to everyone else talk about themselves)....anyway, I got my photos and bio package together and sent it off. I am suppose to be in the August Issue and will post the issue here as soon as I get it. Coincidentally, Outside of the United States, I sell most of my jewelry to Australia (second) and Canada (third).  

I am a true believer that its all about the journey and I would have to say that my journey is pretty exciting right now!!
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mywifesstudio said...

Very exciting!!

Amy said...

Thank you!! I am still in shock!!