Renovations Can Make you Crazy!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I spent this last weekend working on renovations in our kitchen with my husband. We had an electrician take down our old florescent bulbs and install can lights! I Love them!! The lighting is so much better and love not having the humming sound that florescent bulbs are famous for. We were off to the store to buy the exciting stuff, trim molding and pick out the paint color.  After lots of measuring and cutting we stood back and admired my husbands handy work. We are "do it yourselfers" well, as much as we can anyway. It was finally time to paint. I love painting, well not the painting part ..but the end result, a fresh coat of paint, makes you feel like you have a whole new space. After long hours of trying to decide if I had picked the right color or not I went with Grass Cloth green. Hmmm...well I now call it screamin is not quite the color that I had hoped for . I nick named it screamin green because when I walk in the kitchen the green screams "Turn off the lights its too bright in here!!" LOL .. so I will be back at the paint counter again this week trying to find the right shade of what I thought I wanted. The great thing about paint is you can always change your mind!! 
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