I Love Cuffs!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I dont quite know what my draw is to leather cuffs but I love them, I always have. About two years ago while walking through the crowds at Venise Beach I came upon a vendor who was selling leather cuffs. He only had a few and they were just plain leather but I bought a black one and  wore it layered with my sterling link chain bracelets and loved it. Ever since I bought that cuff I have had and idea in the back of my designing mind to create and embellish them with sterling silver and mixed metals. I have listed some in my store and they have been quite popular. I have so many more designs on paper that I have yet to create. This is a cute design that I have added to my collection for "Mom". This is a sneek peek. I will be adding this to my Etsy store this week as one of my new Mothers Day jewelry pieces.
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