Where Is Our California Sun??

Friday, March 12, 2010

Like everyone, I am so ready for the spring/summer weather. I am lucky enough to live in the mountains in California where we have more sunny months than cloudy but I think that this year is an exception. I was in my LittleGreenRoom a couple of weeks back and looked outside to see another cloudy drizzly day and the design for this bracelet popped in my head...yes they sometimes just pop in my head LOL. This cuff was inspired from my winter blues and eagerly awaiting spring and summer. This is one of those pieces that took time and patience, lining up the shapes, centering, and making sure that they all solder evenly is not easy sometimes. There are 18 pieces of cut metal shapes in brass, copper and sterling silver. This cuff is one of the 6-8 that I have drawn out at home on my sketch pad waiting to come to life. I have found that if I dont write/draw my ideas down I will forget and a great idea will be lost. Sometimes I just have evenings where I have drawing sessions where ideas just come to me left and right. I love those days. For me, with art,  I have to be in the mood.  I have to be inspired and excited. This was one of those pieces that was made from pure excitement. I like to say that life is too serious..so wear a piece of jewelry that puts a smile on your face and makes you happy. For me, this is one of those pieces that makes you smile.
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