I Cant Believe That I Actually Took These Photos With My Camera!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

At Etsy everyone stresses how important the right photos are for selling your product. Take your pictures in good natural light, make sure to adjust macro for close up photos etc. Well I do agree, a great photo really does sell the product. Taking photos and learning what works best, lighting, what time of day is right, what backgrounds to use,  is not easy especially if you are not the avid photographer. Oh and having the right camera helps too. What camera really is the best? I have no idea. I do have to say that I love my camera though..and you would never beleive how old it is.  Yep atleast 5 years. Well maybe that is not too old but with the way that technology is today my camera is a dinosaur. I thought about buying a better megapixel camera but then I end up with great photos like the ones above and I think of the old saying, if its not broken..dont fix it. I use a Minolta and it is a shocking 3 megapixels. Yep, thats it! I have found that along with making sure that I take my cell phone, cell phone ear piece, cell phone charger, purse, lunch, jewelry to send out , that I absolutly have to take my camera with me to work too.  It is one of my cant live without items especially now that I am selling on etsy and writing a blog etc. I love these photos, taken about a month ago,  I thought Id share.
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mywifesstudio said...

Great pictures!!!

Carol Conway-Fleisher said...

beautiful photos! Great job! :)

Amy said...

Thank You :) I am finding that I love to take photos now too. Sometimes I get lucky!