Color, Color And More Color For 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

I finally found a minute to sit and write about some new things that will be happening in LittleGreenRoom for 2011. 2010 was such a great year, even better than expected and now that we are in 2011 I am even more excited to see where this year will lead and what surprises will come my way. I was just contacted about a week ago to do a second feature in Australia's Australian Beading Magazine. YAY! 2011 is starting off with a bang :) and I am in the middle of working out details of being a new featured artist in KY, at the art gallery, Studio Slant. I am soo thrilled!

For about the last month or so, in between orders,  I have been busy experimenting and trying new techniques with my metals. I have always been addicted to color. I say that because when I was working a cosmetologist, my favorite thing to do was hair color. I love color. I think that my love of color carried over into my jewelry making too. Before I was silversmithing I was stringing beads and making all kinds of unique color combinations with beads and stone. One of the compliments that I used to get while selling at craft fairs would be on my unique combinations of color. I love minimal lines and pattern and when touched with a splash of color that makes your eyes pop!... I know that I have made that piece come to life. 

The above photos are some of my first experiments with enameling. It is just one more way to add vibrant color to my pieces of metal. I am hoping to find more time to experiment with this technique and bring more unique pieces to LittleGreenRoom. I am enameling with the torch, love my torch, so I still need to play around with my enamels and see what I can come up with next. That is what keeps me going...not knowing what beautiful creation you might come up with tomorrow. 

One of my favorite sayings...I create because that is who I am.. :)

Happy New Year everyone !!

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Sharon - Rekindle Me said...

Gorgeous new pieces here, Amy! I always love to see what you are up to next!!

And a HUGE Congratulations to you!! Fantastic news about the magazine and the art studio!!

Amy said...

Sharon you are sooo sweet!! Thank you and Happy New Year! :)

Sandi/sassyglassdesigns said...

Your designs make me smile - I really like that little pop of color that enamel provides...I really must give it a try.

Amy said...

Thanks so much Sandi :) Enameling is alot of fun :)