Textures For Fall!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Not only have I been excited for fall but I am loving the mixed metal trends that seem to be emerging more and more. I have been getting into metal textures to mix things up a bit. I love mixing textures as well as metals to make a piece of jewelry more interesting. I like the urban twist that seems to emerge with some of the textures too. I have been playing with the torch and reticulation, so fun!  My *New* star cuff  has some reticulation patterning,  and when mixed with the sterling silver chain link pattern, the outcome of the finished design was one of  a kind. I kind of veered off into a different direction with this textured line but I love that fact that my line will appeal to a wide audience of people. I am always experimenting with techniques, I kind of get lost in my LittleGreenRoom, my creativity takes over..and is soo addicting. Oh I have been adding new pieces of jewelry for those special guys in our lives too! The holidays are just around the corner  so I hope you stop by to see some of the new pieces that I have been working on. Talk to you soon :)
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Zondra Art said...

Beautiful works!!!
Nice blog!
Big regards and nice weekend.
Zondra Art

Amy said...

Thank you :)