For Me, Its All About The Little Things

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It is so funny that I had to start selling jewelry on Etsy to realize how much I love to take pictures. My life is extremely busy, like most these days so whenever I get the chance I try to take a walk and enjoy all that is around me. For me.. its the little things that make a difference, like my cute little grapevine birdhouse that I bought in a gift shop on the coast,  a place I love to visit. I planted a Virginia creeper vine around it a couple of years ago and it is just now starting to grow up around the base of the birdhouse. I love it! It looks so cute..this little bird house was occupied this spring with a family of bluebirds. It was fun to walk out in the garden and hear them chirping for their mom, she was out getting them food. If you got close enough to the house and they heard your footsteps they would stop and were completely silent. It was amazing how fast they grew too! One morning my son and I went outside to find that they had all grown enough to finally fly away. I'm sure that a new family will be back next year.

I love my rose garden too! I have some rose bushes that have grown up to 6' tall. They are planted near our oak tree and they like to grow tall, reaching for the sun. Most people are amazed at the height that they reach. I just say that they are happy and loved. :)

When we moved into our house we did alot of fixing up. There was a gate that we decided to replace so I took it off the hinges and stuck it in the middle of my flower garden and it is now the back drop to these beautiful golden yarrow flowers and our fountain. These yellow yarrow flowers are planted near my rose bushes and they have taken on the same pattern of growing extraordinarily tall too! I love the bright cheery yellow. The best thing about these flowers is that they look the same color when they are dead. They are great flowers to cut an put inside too!

Just thought I'd share a few things that make me happy! Hope they make you smile too!
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