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Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am one of the many people who love, love, copper! I love it from its shiny pink, untarnished state to the rich rosy brown earth color, that it oxidizes too. If you have visited my Etsy store you will see that I love to incorporate copper into many of my pieces of jewelry. I love the look of the mixed metal contrast of sterling silver (white), copper (pink/rose), and brass (yellow) too. Copper is one of those metals to get easily hooked on. It is a metal that looks beautiful, forged, shaped, stamped, etched, or colored with patina.

Copper has been referred to as the sacred metal or some have even called it "The Love Metal". It dates back as far as ancient Egypt. We all know that the body needs Copper to function properly. In fact, the brain and liver contains large amount of Copper. Copper is good for your diet and some believe for arthritis as well. Therapeutic  value passed on by ancient Chinese secrets, state that Copper's positive influences really aid and affect the mind, body and soul. It has been said that Copper helps the body with these issues: Metabolism, Arthritis, Pain, Inflammation, Skin Color, Vision, Hair Pigment, Bone, Tissue, Elastin, and Collagen. You may be surprised to learn that copper bracelets for arthritis have been used for centuries in an attempt to relieve joint discomfort and pain. Some say that this practice dates back to the time of the early Greeks who used Copper to relieve aches and pains. Not surprisingly there are groups of people who claim that copper has reduced their arthritis symptoms.  (No medical claims here)

I still get asked on a regular basis if it tarnishes.  Yes, copper tarnishes, but so does, sterling silver, plated metal jewelry (costume jewelry) and brass. Copper is not a metal that you want to keep immersed in water for long periods of time, I recommend taking it off while doing dishes, showering etc.

If you love the color of copper in its untarnished pink state and want it to always stay light there is a special spray that can be used on your piece of jewelry to help prevent it from tarnishing. Please see my jewelry tips page for easy ways to clean your copper jewelry and other info that I will be posting soon.
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Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your jewelry is fantastic. I'm headed off to peruse your blog.

Have a blessed day!

Amy said...

Thanks Cristi!! You too!

Lawrence said...

Fantastic jewelry! My wife loves jewelry so much, just like my cousin who is a jewelry designer. I never thought that copper is a good material for jewelry designs. My cousin usually use brass and glass beads so she always call her brass distributor for supplies. Thanks for sharing!