A Very Busy Thursday Night!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

The minute I got home from work last night I went straight in my GreenRoom, turned on all of my 6 spot lights that I use and started heating up the pickle pot to work on orders. I had some custom orders that needed to be completed and orders to package and get ready for shipping out this morning, Friday. I think I actually work best under stress even though I hate to admit it. I seem to get more accomplished. I had sterling wire, hammers, design stamps, copper and charms all over the place. The other night my grandma came to get a hair cut, oh ya, I still cut hair for my family too. Anyway my grams saw my box of hammers and giggled as she asked me if I thought I had enough hammers. I had to stop and think. I think that I have atleast 15 different kinds that I use, for real :) Wow, now that I write it, it does sound like alot of hammers..wow..thats more than my husband has. Anyway, I managed to somehow pull it off. I got all of my jewelry boxed, labeled, organized and packaged, all ready to go. I even took a few photos of some new pieces that I made and didnt get a chance to list yet. I have one more item to finish this weekend, which should be ready to ship out on Monday morn. I listed this *NEW* cuff this morning, my other new cuffs sold so I wanted to get this listing in my store before it's too late to order for Mothers Day. Next week on April 21st is my first Mothers Day giveaway, its just around the corner. See my earlier post for details* I will list the link again to remind you all. :)

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