Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Im in a poppy mood! I love poppies of all colors, reds and oranges. I live in California and our state flower is the orange poppy. Spring has sprung and it is so neat to drive through the mountains and see all of the wild poppies in groves  against the green hills. I am hoping to make it to atleast one of the wild poppy reserves that are around the area this year before they start to disappear. These pieces of jewelry are new to my collection this spring. A little bit of nature, inspired with a whimsy twist. They are so bright and cheery that you cant help but to smile when you look at them. The necklace has sold, it didnt last long but I am hoping to add more in my shop soon. The rings I have just added in a couple of different sizes. There is a ruffled poppy ring in two sizes larger for the more daring and a med. size for somone more  conservative. I love the ring that has a ruffled.frayed looking edge too! They have sterling silver wire bands and are very comfortable to wear. The thing that I love about these flowers is that they will never fade away....A flower that lasts forever.
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