The Poppy And The Fence Post

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

One spring morning 2009 I walked out in my garden to see if there were any new spring flowers that had started to grow. Winter had finally ended. Things had not quite started to fill in with beautiful colors yet for spring. As I walked around the side of the house I saw such a surprise. It was a big, bright, beautiful, poppy in front of a old fence post. The color of the poppy was so bright and beautiful against the backdrop of the winter colors of brown. It made me smile because of its bright happy color. I took a mental note of the flower against the old fence post because I wanted to try to recreate it in a piece of jewelry.

2010~I finally created this beautiful metal poppy that sat in front of the old fencepost and love the way that it turned out. It is exactly what I saw last spring and am looking forward to this spring to see if the same cute spring poppy will appear this year in the same place.

This is a very *Rustic* design, the fencepost is suppose to look very rustic and somewhat aged. The whimsy design of the poppy is the perfect contrast to the fencepost. I like to try to incorporate a little, rustic, whimsy in all of my jewelry pieces. I have a few other pieces that resemble this line that I hope to be adding soon too!  I cant wait to share!!
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