Awaiting Spring Anxiously!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

These beautiful photos by Tracey at take my breath away. I live in sunny California but the sun has been playing hide and seek for weeks now. I live in the mountains where we are lucky enough to grow beautiful flowers that resemble these pictures but they are nowhere to be seen. I stumbled upon some of Tracey's beautiful pictures that remind me of our beautiful spring days here in California. Tracy is having a March BOGO special right now. Buy one 8x8 or larger and receive another 8x8 free. She is also offering sets and series at discounted prices too. She has a great eye to capture nature at its best. I asked Tracey what her inspiration is when she gets behind the camera and she said that she likes to create something beautiful that is not necessarily there when she takes the photo but that she can see, and wants to create for everyone else to see. Tracey is always looking to create a photo that will make her best friend swear. Her friend is rather proper and she knows that if she can get him to say something improper then she will have created something special. You should check out her other beautiful photos, they take you on a journey.

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mywifesstudio said...

Wow what incredible pictures.

Amy said...

She takes beautiful pictures!! I love them too!