February Flower Is The Violet Who Knew!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Since I love to garden, have severe spring fever, and have made many pieces of jewelry that are nature inspired I decided to find some pictures and write about the flowers of the month. Just like gems, and birthstones, flowers also have stories and meanings. February is the month of the violet. Violets are sweet scented and appear at the end of February and have finished blooming in most areas by the end of April, unless you are lucky. The beautiful heart shaped flowers are full of honey and constructed for bee visitors, but bloom before it is bee time. Violets are among the most popular edible flowers in America. Both fresh and dried forms have been standard fare in Europe and other areas in the world since before the 14th century. Violets aren't just another pretty face. They are loaded with phytochemicals and medicinal constituents that have been used in the treatment of numerous health problems from the common cold to cancer. The late Euell Gibbons even referred to them as natures vitamin pill (1). A 1/2 cup serving of leaves can provide as much vitamin C as three oranges. Persians and Greeks used the plants to help induce sleep, and to calm anger, and to heal the heart and head. Romans made wine from violet blossoms and decorated banquet tables with them believing that the flowers could prevent drunkenness. On the morning of their festivities, Romans wore violet wreaths to relieve hangovers. Violets were awarded as prizes to french troubadours in poetry contests. In Germany folk dancers celebrated the first violets of spring. Awww, what a great idea..I think that I am going to plant some violets..by the way they grow best in shaded areas.

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